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Arrowhead Yacht Club is the longest continuous operating Yacht Club in Oklahoma, listed in the registry of American Yacht Club reciprocity. When traveling, you will find, in most instances, your Arrowhead Membership card will grand you access to other Yacht Clubs around the United States. As a Member, there are many advantages and perks available including 5% of all your food and beverage purchases will be credited annually, so the more you use the Club, the less your membership costs. Some of their members get their total membership paid for under this program.
Arrowhead's schedule of special events and entertainment is never ending. From February to December, they offer specials such as Wine Tasting Dinners, Cold Water Lobster Feast, Special Course Dinners to Customer Appreciation activities as you will find nowhere else on Grand Lake. In addition, they have weekly menu specials along with an Ala Carte menu to please any appetite, including a first class wine menu. And, of course, in January, our annual kickoff for the year includes VIP night at the Tulsa Boat Show, where their Members Only Admiral's Club honors their Members with Chef's specialty Hors D'oeuvres enhanced by all of the glitter & excitement of the evening, with an open bar to show their appreciation of their members.
They like to say at Arrowhead, "The Only Thing We Overlook Is The Lake."
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